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Dear Sir/Ma'amWe would like to order Hyaluronic Acid (Medical Grade) for sample. The sample size will be 1kg. Could you please send us the invoice for this product?My name is DJ Cho from Luca Aicell, ...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 水解透明质酸; hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid;
iam writing from dynamic recycle industries Ltd, We are a manufacturing and recycling company.
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相关山猫直播苹果版: ldpe薄膜聚乙烯废料; ldpe film polythelene scrap;
Dear Sir, We are interested in your PA6 & PA66 reprocessed resin in grey color and PP virgin pellets natural white color. Would you be able to supply us by CNF HongKong your available quantity? Ou...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 再生塑料;
To whom it may concern I am located in Lebanon, I have extruders for producing folding doors and injection machines for the production of home equipment such as garbage bins, trays, plates, cups, ...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: EPS;
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 葡萄糖酸铜;
Hi Sales Team,Hope you're doing great.This is Ali Basaeri, commercial specialist at Bonda Development Group, located in Iran.As a pioneer holding company specialized in various areas including health,...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 乙二胺二琥珀酸三钠; Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate;
We need Polyurethane prepolymer for production of PU sealants used as mastic for the fixing windshield. Has your company this prepolymer in its portfolio and can supply us?? In otherwise do you hav...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 聚氨酯预聚物; Polyurethane prepolymer;
Sodium Hydrosulphite 88% minimum. Please offer best possible price.
相关山猫直播苹果版: 氢氧化钠; Sodium Hydrosulphite;
Dear Sir, Greetings! I am Dr.Saravanakumar from CIPET: SARP-LARPM, Bhubaneswar, India. We have a plan to purchase the nickel foam steel foam. Please send the quotation for the below-mentioned specif...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 镍泡沫; 钢泡沫; nickel foam; steel foam;
Hi , I' interested to receive information about Safety Foam for padel entrane door and padel net.Coud you send me more details at following Email. Please send me price list , details, if we can custom...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 安全泡沫; Safety Foam;
Hello, we have been trying to send an inquiry for your Chemical Sheet, but it keeps blocking us. Can you send us an email address where our inquiry will get through to you? Than...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 化工产品; chemical products;
Dear Sirs, My name is Hamdi Arabaci, import manager from Yasamteks Kimya Tekstil Insaat Tic. Ltd.Sti. Corlu/Tekirdag/Turkey We want to import STEARIC ACID 1842 from your company. Our c...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 硬脂酸; STEARIC ACID;
[BR] [1128666] [有图]巴西求购体香剂和止汗剂(Antiperspirant) (04-29)
Hello how are you? My name is Christian and I have a company that sells cosmetics over the Internet (store), mainly, products for hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis. I would like to know if you send Dri...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 体香剂; 止汗剂; Antiperspirant;
We want to buy Pet Bottle Chips in Bulk bags of 500 kgs each. We hv regilar requirement of close to 250 to 300 tons per month.
相关山猫直播苹果版: Pet瓶片; Pet Bottle Chips;
We need electroplatting chemicals zinc, chrome, monocals etc... Supplier can contact me or email us for detail information. And we need one chemical trainer as well intrested person can contact me.
相关山猫直播苹果版: 电镀化学品; Electroplatting Chemicals;
Deqr Sirs; Please advise if you produce PE Coated Board for Paper Cups 180-200 Gsm in Reels. please send us technical data sheets Best Rgds ALWARDI
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相关山猫直播苹果版: PE涂层板; PE Coated Board;
[SG] [1128562] 新加坡求购老鼠胶(rat glue) (04-29)
Our company is sourcing for rat glue as follows: 1. 135g or 150ml in aluminium tube packed into individual box. 25 tubes per pack. 2 packs per carton 2. Rat Glue in cardboard size 15cm x 20 cm....
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 老鼠胶; rat glue;
Dear Ms A We are Tunisian company willing to establish a long term cooperation with your estimated company Would you please send me TDS of Styrene Acrylic and Vinyl Acrylic resins you are producing ...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 苯乙烯丙烯酸; 乙烯基丙烯酸树脂; Styrene Acrylic; Vinyl Acrylic resins;
Dear Sir We want to import Hexamethylene Diamine for our product on regular basis. Please submit your best offer for 10-15 MT and for immediate delivery. STAY POSITIVE AND STAY SAFE Warm ...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 六亚甲基二胺; Hexamethylene Diamine;
good morningPlease send the product price quote pva * Requested grade in terms of degree of hydrolysis and viscosity* (partially haydrolysis high viscosity)* * Market Segment/ Application* (For Adhes...
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相关山猫直播苹果版: 聚乙烯醇; POLYVINYL ALCOHOL;
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