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[CA] [F1127733] 加拿大求购沥青(Bitumen) (04-23)
Dear Sir, We are interested in buying Bitumen Quantity: 50,000 Tons Contract: one shipment as spot Delivery Terms: CIF Port of Destination: Libya/Benghazi Price: Best price you offer USD per m...
[IN] [F1125301] 印度求购沥青(Bitumen) (04-07)
We require Vg 30 p60/70 grade Bitumen. Destination : Hadia port, India Please advice.
[DE] [F1121684] 德国求购沥青(Bitumen) (03-12)
Dear Sir, We are looking for a Bitumen 60/70 supplier for our requirements in Doha, Qatar. Kindly give me your best quotation and terms of payment and delivery. Regards.
[AE] [F1120605] 阿联酋求购沥青(Bitumen) (03-05)
We are looking for Bitumen to be export to our China. Please to send your SCO, to our email.
[IR] [F1120368] 伊朗求购尿素(Bitumen) (03-04)
We want to buy monthly high quality Bitumen 60/70 from the philippines. Can we have the price per tons in jumbo bags? Please do respond. Regards.
[PK] [F1119359] 巴基斯坦求购沥青(Bitumen) (02-25)
Dear Sir, We are interested in buying for 100,000 M. Tons of Bitumen. Origin : Russia, CIF China Port. Specifications available on request. Treat this as urgent. Thanks.
[SA] [F1119156] 沙特阿拉伯求购沥青(Bitumen) (02-24)
We are looking for Bitumen suppliers who is direct from refinery to supply us with Bitumen and Crude oil in Colombia. Please feel free to contact us more question that you might have.
[PK] [F1117713] 巴基斯坦求购尿素(Bitumen) (02-05)
Dear Sir, This is regarding the enquiry about import of Bitumen,and also the quality of the product and the lab report of the product if you can send me all of the with rates that will be great. ...
[US] [F1115073] 美国求购沥青(Bitumen) (01-14)
We are ready, willing and able to purchase Bitumen 60/70 as per the specification and in the quantity and for the price as specified in the terms and conditions as stated below . Origin : Russia...
[FR] [F1114732] 法国求购沥青(Bitumen 60/70) (01-11)
Dear all, Good day. We are in need of 5000 MT Penetration grade Bitumen 60/70 CFR Alexandria port, Egypt with below details: Packing: Steel drums. shipment: in 20' cntr Payment: Negotiable Thank...
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[IN] [F1106261] 印度求购沥青(Bitumen) (11-05)
Dear Sir, We need to source Bitumen 70/100 or 80/100 Payment : L.C Station Mizoram / Monipur India. Kindly contact us for further details & discussion. Thanks.
[IN] [F1106197] 印度求购沥青(Bitumen) (11-05)
Dear Sir, We need 50000tm per month of Bitumen. Please feel free to contact us for any queries. Thanks.
[ID] [F1105018] 印度尼西亚求购沥青(Bitumen) (10-27)
Dear Sir, We want to buy the following items: 1) Bitumen to Sudan-60/70 - 1TON 2) Garments to Oman -Sohar Port Please let us know if you deal in this. Thank you.
[BH] [F1104311] 巴林求购沥青(Bitumen) (10-21)
Dear Sir, We are looking for Bitumen 100000 MT per month. If you can supply it, then please send us your best offers in US$ CIF China along with procedure. Thanks.
[NP] [F1101714] 尼泊尔求购沥青(bitumen) (09-23)
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[SA] [F1096325] 沙特阿拉伯求购沥青(Bitumen) (08-12)
Dear Sir, We requeste you to please quote us for 5, 000 mt of Bitumen 60/70. If you are in this field please quote the same on tanker . Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thanks.
[BD] [F1092960] 孟加拉国求购沥青(Bitumen) (07-17)
We are very much interested to query for the Bitumen. We are Trader (Agent) Zero Plus.
[TH] [F1090640] 泰国求购沥青(Bitumen) (06-29)
Require photographs of both the products, also on bitumen pictures must come with mentioning.
[NG] [F1087895] 尼日利亚求购沥青(Bitumen) (06-10)
Our company is willing to purchase 250000 Metric Tons (MT)) of Bitumen grade 60 / 70 one a one year contract. The contracted quantity shall be delivered in bulk in consignments of 21000 MT/month ...
[NG] [F1082020] 尼日利亚求购沥青(Bitumen) (05-03)
Dear Sir, Our company has a requirement for Bitumen 60/70 gr and Raw Rubber. Kindly send the price and specification. Thank you.

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