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Hi, My name is Alain from France. I am running my company registered in Spain in 2015 but having over 35 years of experience in Trade Business mainly with Far East. My clients are private or state ow...
We do indenting for following items through our overseas Associates 1. Popcorn unpopped kernels 2. Edible Oils 3. Sugar 4. Pulses 5. Milk Powder 6. Cement 7. Fertilizers Please share your ...
[IN] [F1106872] 印度求购化肥(Fertilizer) (11-11)
Dear Sir, We need to buy Fertilizer as follows : Potassium Nitrate (13x.x46) Potassium Nitrate (20x20x20) MAP (12X61X0) If you can help, we will appreciate. Thank you.
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[BH] [F1098593] 巴林求购化肥(Urea & Fertilizers) (08-28)
Dear Sir, We are currently looking for suppliers for the items mentioned below: 1. urea: 46% N; 2. NPK: 11% N, 22% P2O5, 16% K2O; 3. hyper Reno: 30% P; 4. triple super phosphate: 46% P2O5; ...
[IN] [F1093262] 印度求购化肥(fertilizers) (07-21)
HELLO I Need fertilizer kindly send me info through email.
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agriculture fertilizer - Granular- 33.5% Qty.: 250 tons
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[BD] [F1090408] 孟加拉国求购化肥(Fertilizer) (06-28)
Dear Sir, We are looking for DAP Fertilizer. Qty : CIF of 50MT monthly for 1 year. We are ready and have the specifications. Please let us know if you can provide this product. Please provide a...
[NG] [F1087468] 尼日利亚求购化肥(Fertilizers) (06-08)
KNO3 (13-0-46), packing 25kg bag, origin: all countries. MAP MKP MgSO4.
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[TR] [F1082242] 土耳其求购化肥(fertilizer) (05-05)
For the past two years,I have been preparing tough and efficient compost (fertilizer) in Turkey specially for garden and vase plants and I want to take it to another level so I am looking for.
[US] [F1071406] 美国求购化肥(Fertilizer) (02-18)
Dear Supplier This is SARL ALIZE INTERNATIONAL, Our Company is based in FRANCE and we are international trading Company. We are in the process to order 250 MT of NPK Fertilizer and we would like to ex...
[ID] [F1066513] 印度尼西亚求购化肥(Fertilizer) (12-16)
Fertilizer, Soil Conditioner, Decomposser, Bio Pesticide, Sprayer Tractor Stone crusher Conveyour
[UK] [F1044169] 英国求购化肥(fertilizer) (08-07)
Hello I'm interested in your product "HuminRich FuPlus" SY3001-9 Humic Acid Fulvic Acid NPK Compound Fertilizer What's your best price?
[UA] [F1032331] 乌克兰求购化肥(Fertilizers) (05-22)
Details for Fertilizers: 1)Urea: 46,2%, in 750-800 kg BB. 2)Ammonium nitrate: 34,4%, 1 ton BB. Granulated. 3)Ammonium sulphate (N -21%; S -24%) caprolactam crystal/ granule (preferably)
[HK] [F1032227] 香港求购化肥(fertilizer) (05-21)
Dear sir or madam, I’d like to import a new kind of fertilizer from USA.
[VN] [F1028158] 越南求购化肥(fertilizer) (04-19)
Dear Sir, We are looking for the suppliers,manufactures of all kinds of urea 46 fertilizer to contact us directly for immediate business transactions, Payment T/T, Regards,
采购数量: 1 Pieces| 采购人: price and details for fertilizer production line 3t/h, thanks
Dear We need to buy 20 tons of chemical fertilizer Please take time to verify these prices of the shipment, according to our last telephone conversation, it is suppose to be about 60,900 US DOLLARS....
Full detail and cost of 60,000 tons per annum NPK Fertilizer production plant. My company wants to purchase
13000 Liter
CAS No.: 7778-80-5

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